Field Closure!

Effective: 2023/06/25  ONLY

For everyone’s awareness, there will be no flying Sunday June 25th, due a Cole family function at the site.
If anyone is looking for a fun-fly fix that weekend, Springford (Tillsonburg) is holding a fun fly and swap meet on Saturday June 24th. Landing fee by donation, and there will be a BBQ. More Details on RC Canada – I’m told they’ll have the Woodstock ‘barn’ to fly through as well.
Thanks everyone for your cooperation. Any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to John G or Mike.

Welcome to Cobble!

Cobble is a laid back, easy going group of guys that enjoy flying RC planes and having some crazy fun (as often as possible) knocking each other’s planes out of the sky during combat!

Here’s a sample of the fun that we have year-round:

Anything scale, WWI/II, or just plain unique that flies is fair game.  Check out this nice Spitfire:

John Gough's spitfire maiden flight at CobbleHills FighterGroup field after being hung up at AVF hobby shop for 10 plus years. Bobby Charchanko at controls for test flight

Posted by Glenn Wray on Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Please drive slowly on the lane to limit wear, and if you need to go into the crops to retrieve a downed plane, please be mindful and try not to damage the plants (further).

Thanks for your co-operation